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Car LPG Conversion and Repairs in Central Coast

We are the gas repair experts at Sam & Sons Mechanical Repairs. Bring your car to us even though it has been converted somewhere for certain gas issues that no one else can fix. We have the advanced technology and experience to diagnose and fix gas issues like the backfiring and low economy. To diagnose your LPG problems, we use cutting-edge engine control scanners.

We are allowed to perform safety checks on LPG vehicles to validate their condition and operating status as a certified LPG service provider. One of our highly qualified and certified mechanics will perform a thorough safety inspection on your car, highlighting any flaws or areas of concern about its roadworthiness and safety, and make recommendations.

We assume that a comprehensive safety and component review is needed for the LPG gas system, which cannot be accomplished during a routine car service. This will ensure that your vehicle’s full protection and performance are preserved.

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